Ee Dee Trim Co., Inc

Ee Dee Trim Co., Inc. is the leading manufacturer & supplier of school uniform accessories in the United States. Our family owned business has been based on quality workmanship and strong partnerships in the apparel industry for over 50 years. We value our commitment to our customers by providing innovative and fashionable products in conjunction with knowledge and superior customer service. Our quality product offering is vast with unlimited combinations and custom options which suit each of our unique customers.

We believe it is essential to build strong, long-term relationships with each of our customers by providing the best customer service and finest products in the industry.

All of our uniform accessories carry an unmatched one-year guarantee. We stand behind this promise and are confident that the quality and craftsmanship of each product is far superior.

You can download our latest belt and tie catalog from here and our latest general catalog from here  

Our products can be found nationwide in both department stores & local uniform retailers. If you would like more information,
please contact us at 314-231-7494.  We do not sell retail.  To find your local retailer, please contact us.  


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Featured products


FBE210 - A Line Doll Jumper

FBE220 - Solid Zipper Free tie

FBE220 - Ee Dee Trim Zipper Free pre-tied tie.

FBE204 - Genuine Leather Belt

FBE204 - 1 1/4" Men's Full Grain Genuine Leather Dress Belt with Feathered Edge and Silver buckle.


FBE265 - Plaid and Ribbon 2-layered spike bow w/tails.


2-Layered Cheer Bow with Monogrammed Letter


FBE205 - 3/4" Girl's Textured Leather Belt.


FBE400 - Polka-Dot 3-layer Cheer Bow.


FBE250 - Plaid 3-layered Cheer Bow


FBE268 - Plaid & ribbon 3 layered spike bow.


FBE401 - Polka-Dot 3-Layered Cheer Bow.


FBE402 - Polka-dot 2-Layered Cheer Bow.


FBE270 - Plaid & ribbon 2-layered looped spike bow w/tails.


FBE403 - Polka-dot 2-Layered Cheer Bow.


FBE300 - Stripe 3-layered Cheer Bow


FBE305 - Stripe 2-Layered Spike Bow w/Tails


FBE308 - Stripe 3-Layer Looped Spike Bow.


FBE407HB - Polka-Dot Small Sized Boutique Bow on Headband.

FBE41 Pre-tied Plaid Tie

FBE41 - Boys Pre-tied Tie.


FB37M - 1" elastic belt with magnetic buckle

FBE43 - Girl's Plaid Cross Tie

FBE43 - Girl's Cross Tie


FBE7 - Scrunchie