Ee Dee Trim Co., Inc

Ee Dee Trim Company is a family owned business located in St. Louis, Missouri. We specialize in manufacturing school uniforms and uniform accessories for over 50 years. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we have decided to use our sewing skills and resources to help as many in need as possible.  We have begun offering 100% cotton twill face masks to support healthcare workers, first responders, and those in need.  Our masks are available in a variety of colors, plaids & custom printed options.  For solid color masks,  For plaid masks,  For custom printed masks, please email  Our designs follow the CDC's recommendations for reusable face masks.  For more information, please visit,


To our existing school uniform customers – we will continue accepting orders & producing products to meet your delivery dates in anticipation of the upcoming back to school season. We greatly appreciate all of your business over our 50 years as a company and look forward to continue serving your needs in 2020 & beyond. We are all in this together and Ee Dee Trim is proud to be doing a small part to help out.

For full service uniforms, please visit our friends at A Plus:  


Featured products


FBE210 - A Line Doll Jumper

FBE220 - Solid Zipper Free tie

FBE220 - Ee Dee Trim Zipper Free pre-tied tie.

FBE204 - 1 1/4" Genuine Leather Belt

FBE204 - 1 1/4" Men's Full Grain Genuine Leather Dress Belt with Feathered Edge and Silver buckle.


FBE265 - Plaid and Ribbon 2-layered spike bow w/tails.


2-Layered Cheer Bow with Monogrammed Letter


100% reusable cotton face mask. In-stock & ready to ship! For colors $1.75 additional.

Custom Printed Face Masks

Digitally Printed 100% cotton face masks. Made from 6.5 oz woven pre-shrunk cotton. Machine washable. To order or to submit your artwork, please email Please see below for more details.

FBE205 - 3/4" Textured Leather Belt

FBE205 - 3/4" Girl's Textured Leather Belt.


FBE400 - Polka-Dot 3-layer Cheer Bow.


100% cotton lined plaid face mask. Plaids can be mixed to reach volume discounts.
From $5.00


FBE250 - Plaid 3-layered Cheer Bow


FBE268 - Plaid & ribbon 3 layered spike bow.


FBE401 - Polka-Dot 3-Layered Cheer Bow.


FBE402 - Polka-dot 2-Layered Cheer Bow.


FBE270 - Plaid & ribbon 2-layered looped spike bow w/tails.


FBE403 - Polka-dot 2-Layered Cheer Bow.


FBE300 - Stripe 3-layered Cheer Bow


FBE305 - Stripe 2-Layered Spike Bow w/Tails


FBE308 - Stripe 3-Layer Looped Spike Bow.


FBE407HB - Polka-Dot Small Sized Boutique Bow on Headband.

FBE41 Pre-tied Plaid Tie

FBE41 - Boys Pre-tied Tie.
$8.99 $9.95

FB37M - 1" Elastic Belt with magnetic buckle

FB37M - 1" elastic belt with magnetic buckle
$7.99 $8.95


FBE7 - Scrunchie
$6.99 $5.45

FBE43 - Girl's Plaid Cross Tie

FBE43 - Girl's Cross Tie
$8.99 $8.45