We manufacture various men's, boys, and girls ties, ranging from pre-tied to four in hand ties. Boy's pre-tied ties are available in 12", 14", 16", 18", and 19" lengths. Men's ties are available in 48", 52", 57", & 60" lengths. We also offer girl's cross-over ties, middy ties, floppy bow ties.  Custom ties available including bow ties, sailor ties. All ties available in all plaids & solids. Custom striped ties are available.  Minimum 75 pcs. per pattern.  Contact us for more details.   For custom ties, please email customerservice@eedeetrim.com


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FBE228 - Pre-tied Stripe tie

Pre-tied Striped tie

FBE229 - Stripe tie

Men's Striped tie

FBE231 - Striped Cross Tie

FBE231 - Striped Cross Tie

FBE227 - Striped Bow tie

FBE227 - Striped Bow tie

FBE222 - Clip-on Plaid Tie

FBE222 - Clip-on Plaid Tie

FBE41 Pre-tied Plaid Tie

FBE41 - Boys Pre-tied Tie.

FBE41V - Pre-tied Tie with Velcro neckstrap

FBE41V - Boys Pre-tied tie with velcro neckstrap.

FBE43 - Girl's Plaid Cross Tie

FBE43 - Girl's Cross Tie

FBE43V - Girl's Cross Tie with Velcro closure

FBE43V - Girl's Cross Tie w/Velcro neckstrap

FBE276 - Solid 4 in hand tie

Solid Men's 4 in hand tie.

FBE42 - Plaid Men's 4 in hand Tie

FBE42 - Four in hand tie.

FBE275 - Solid Pre-tied Tie

Solid Pre-tied Tie with breakaway neck strap.

FBE220 - Solid Zipper Free tie

FBE220 - Ee Dee Trim Zipper Free pre-tied tie.

FBE277 - Clip-on solid tie

Solid colored clip-on tie

FBE279 - Solid Girl's Cross Tie

Girl's cross tie

FBE41B - Bow Tie

FBE41B - Boy's Pre-tied Bow Tie

FBE41BV - Bow Tie with Velcro Closure

FBE41BV - Boy's Pre-tied Bow Tie w/velcro closure

FBE178 - Floppy Tab Bow Tie

FBE178 - Floppy Tab Bow Tie

FBE42S - Sailor Tie

FBE42S - Sailor Tie

FBE42T - Middy Tie

FBE42T - Middy Tie

FBE232 - Middy Crossover tie with breakaway clasp

FBE232 - Middy Crossover tie with breakaway clasp. Available in SM, M, L, XL

FBE223 - Self-tie Sailor tie

FBE223 - Self-tie Sailor tie with loop for tail.

FBE281 - Two-piece Middy Tie

Two-piece Middy Tie with button holes at ends.

FBE233 - Clip-on Striped tie

Clip-on striped tie